What are the benefits of wellbeing initiatives?

Research suggests that employees who aren’t given enough of a chance to spend time away from the office and improve their wellbeing and work-life balance, see weaker levels of productivity. There’s also evidence that well-rested employees are more productive, with empirical evidence showing that average productivity is negatively correlated with the average number of hours worked per country.

Other benefits of supporting and encouraging wellbeing in the workplace include:

  • Workplaces that value wellbeing will experience reduced absences thanks to better health behaviours and stress management, including lower levels of anxiety and obesity.
  • Employees with heightened personal and professional wellbeing are less likely to move to another company, therefore improving staff retention levels.
  • Organisations that prioritise employee well-being and wellness create an environment that increases how much their employees are satisfied with their jobs as it allowed them to be able to engage, communicate, feel valued and appreciated

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